Monthly Archives: September 2014

Just Journaling

This is not about art, it’s just about my life and I happen to be an artist.

Had a damn crappy couple of weeks, and that sucks when you’re such a positive person.  Most people cringe when I say stupid things like, “It could always be worse…”

Nice compassionate personality here.

Well, I’m now in the dumps and well I guess I deserve it.  Spreading my happy-go-lucky shit all around.

I did break a mirror last week, whatever.  Yes, I can be superstitious, atheist, religious or witchy.  I believe in it all.

So, I’ve asked the Universe for help and got nothing.

I really need to pour it onto a canvas or archival clayboard to be more specific.  Got these new oil sticks…

But freaking life is in the way.

Get out of my studio people, sickness leave us, animals heal…. THIEVES GET OUT OF MY LIFE-

I want my alone time to make art and cry.