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No Visual Art Today

photoIt’s warm and dark before the sun. Stars are shining above, and a honeybee is confused by a string of Christmas lights.

I’ve eaten too much and wore no sunscreen. We’ve sung silly songs, danced awkward dances, and lit the Menorah.

Today is Christmas Eve or better known as my son’s birthday. This marks the day, 16 years ago that the universe gave me my greatest education and my only unconditional love in this world.

So as I wait for the sun to rise I stop to embrace the gratitude and wonder of this life. I sit here in awe as I experience life while renting this body. I do hope our souls connect when we leave this world- to be with him again.

I welcome the sun. I welcome this day. I celebrate each breath, touch, sound and moment of today.

Happy birthday to my beloved you are the light in my life.

Silence is a friend that will never betray. Confucius

Recently I purged myself of something and someone.  It was really scary because it was risky.  So much seems to be at stake when you take a stand against a mainstream thought.  Yet, as I rid myself of this person, who oddly enough I called a friend, I disposed of a theology that doesn’t match with my life.

Sitting this morning in the darkened silence, IT spoke to me,  I was given Freedom.

Morning ritual

Morning ritual

Social media is a unique lesson, we post, comment, paste, and use our masks to guide our hand.  Who are we? What do we want others to believe?  Ridding myself of this ideology and the person that came with it has me typing faster and truer.  I have learned much about me,  I was a coward.  I feel free and awake again.