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Randy is one of our two baby chickens.  She was named by my son Jake, and well, that says enough.  She and Penelope (my choice for the other) are a breed called, Brahma.  Chicks or Pullets integrating into an existing flock is a difficult process, as bullying is an FullSizeRenderintegral part of the “gang” like membership.  Our daily conversations usually begin with, “The Babies” or “The Big Girls” as we watch them slowly become part of the flock and roam around my house and studio.

Randy is a scaredy cat – afraid of any move the big girls make, running for her dear life as they come near her.  You can her her “honk” all the way in the house if she gets a little peck from our head hen Buffy.  But, Randy is the largest of all our chickens, all of them, and she’s only a baby.  We are always shaking our heads as she doesn’t realize the power she already could have at 5 months old.

Sometimes when I walk past a mirror I stop and look again… I don’t look like I think I should look.  Not that I know what that is.  It happens when I look at a picture and sometimes when I look at my art.  (Looks like somebody else’s art (blog entry)) Does it happen to everyone? I remembering telling my counselor the same thing, years ago.  Like the persona and person are not connected.  Perhaps it’s all the facets of being human.  The many faces we must wear in life… a friend and student in my Wednesday night class is working on a piece dealing with all the masks she wears in a day.

My body is petite, my personality grand, my artwork is not subtle, and then I have the responsibilities of being a single mom, teacher, business owner, girlfriend, daughter, animal keeper, and the like.  We all have these parts that make our whole.  But, do we really know who we are? What we are?FullSizeRender (1)

That outer image is not necessarily our reality but, it is a big part of what others think of us.  And that, sometimes is important for us to see as we may be much bigger then we think we are.