Monthly Archives: February 2016


after 6.75 years

I finally made an artwork about you

It was a different day than most

as I was angry with you

years of saying what a good guy…

now I stand corrected

I drunk with life and you with booze

letting your pain get the best of you

injuring what we had


yes,  you were the one held to the highest esteemFinally

now fallen to the ranks of the broken hearted

stupid sharings, immature reactions

floundered on the school grounds

anger greets me

and I meet it with a scissor and some medium

finally to make a piece about us

In the end I am inspired

Reaching The Potential- How much do you have to give up?

Giving up something can be difficult and personal.  You may be giving up: time with friends, vacations, reading for enjoyment, or even a relationship to make art.  It seems unimaginable to most, but when a passion dictates most of your every move, sometimes there’s no choice.

Personally, my goals rule my life. I wake as early as I can, drink my first cup of coffee and write a thank you list to the Universe. Next, I jot down the steps I will take towards that  potential I’m fighting for, then head upstairs to the studio (currently I’m writing a book) ,or shower before spending the day at school teaching art. I still make art;  just putting the book first these days.

Writing a book sounds like a “fancy” thing to do.  It’s not, I am just trying to help people understand the lives of people who live like artists do. Why? To understand the mystification of art and it’s makers would make the concept and more digestible. Perhaps people will want to buy art, your art, my art. I don’t want all this completed art clogging the walls of my studio… it invades my new ideas. Sales are important, because art is a business too…  It’s not a bad to make money.  

Often, I sit in the studio thinking, I’d like to be at the bar with friends, traveling, or catching up on “Younger” (an addictive t.v. show). However, the drive to grasp the ideas filling my head is pulling on my skirt hem. It’s like being in the middle of a thought all the time…  This kind of energy will need a resting point and soon my mind will pause, and I will catch my breath.

Untitled Encaustic

This piece reminds me of a thought in progress… 9×12″ Encaustic, 2015

Then I will question what I gave up, and try to do it all again.  Perhaps this time I’ll be able to do it all? There’s always hope.