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Encaustic 2014

I like this new piece but, it looks  much like other encaustic art… doesn’t say Cucci-Smith. Feels like I stole it from another site. Maybe it looks too good to me… Ha! Maybe that’s it, it looks like someone else’s art that I would say, “Hey that’s awesome?”. Hmmm… what an unusual and awkward thought.  I usually know when my art is good and when it isn’t.  It has nothing to do with opinion, it has to do with art facts.

I had a series of work from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s that was so, so, good.

“Green” Mixed media on paper 2002

It’s hard to work at that pace when life is constantly changing.  Then I did a series of work in 2010 that was mediocre at best, that work sold out.  That’s the series of work I am least proud of, and well, 20 pieces are hanging in South Jersey homes. Ha! Do I laugh at myself for showing the work? Or better yet do I embrace the series, knowing it has led me to a better grouping of work?  Yes, the latter of course.  However, I often cringe in embarrassment when I see that series.  So anyway I have yet to decide what I feel about this piece – I know it does feel, impersonal.

Perhaps it is still UNFINISHED – as usual…. ah the plight of being an artist. My mind is never quiet, that must explain my need to be alone so much.  But, that is another blog- The Artist’s Mind (coming soon).

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