I ain’t no CHICKEN

Mixed Media with oil stick
Grace 2014

I’m not afraid of life.

Because I woke up today I get to take Jake to work, make is tea and listen to him practice guitar.

I get to brew pumpkin flavored coffee, get dressed, care for the chickens and feed the dog.

I get to go to Meetinghouse and sit in silence with like minded people.

I get to drive to Millville, pick up past work from a gallery and drop more off.  I get to write, clean, exercise, cook, food shop: picking from hundreds of thousands of items from rows and rows of giant shelves.  Today is a day in my life that could possibly feel, too busy, annoying, and driven by responsibility.  I know that I have woken up alive and decide, that every movement is because I CAN.  So with unconditional gratitude I thank the Universe for this day.


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