So I’m at that point, is what I’m making art or crap?

Firstly, I’m working with collage and that can instantly become Eric Carlisle like immediately.  Especially that I’m working with an animal subject.  God that sounds like crap just typing it.  I wanted to do an owl, crap again… Embarrassing. Well, it could be a freaking lighthouse, so it’s not as crappy as it could be. On a side note I did make a lighthouse for an old boyfriend once, out of spite and anger at his innocent taste (I’m being kind here). He hated it. Notice the “old” next to boyfriend.

Where was I?  Ok, yes, crap.  Well it started off well with lots of layering and hand made papers, then I put purple tulle in. Yeah, purple tulle over an overly shiny bronze background.  No, I’m not putting in an image.

Reason for this post, how do we know if what we make is art or not?  I don’t know, in the past I’ve made some truly good work and some pure crap.  Often I think when I work over a piece that sucks, the suckiness comes through. And this piece does have a bad painting under it… like covering up those extra pounds with a big dress. You still know what’s under there.

Wish me luck-

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