Teacher Convention Days

We had yesterday and today off for Teacher’s Convention.  If you didn’t know I am a public school art teacher.  I usually spend one of these days not at the convention but, in the studio and at an art museum.  The convention doesn’t have much for me and it is a waste of my quality art making time to go.

Yesterday I got ready to work in the studio, and that is a task in itself.  The OCD or whatever I have makes me clean the house first, allowing me to then work. Makes no sense as my work is more important than what the house looks like.

Jimmy came to paint with me today- he’s my favorite Renaissance man friend (I wonder how he feels about this label I have attached to him). He worked at the standing easel and I on the table top, next to each other. Jim is a musician and a really good “untrained” artist.  He just can paint, and does it clean and pure with intention.  We had some sort of concert music on (now I know what the heck it was…) and just made art.

The kids at school are working on their art show pieces for “In The Garden” and one class is creating owls.  So I told them I’d make one too.  Ugg …  it’s terrible.  So I worked on that a bit and started just a random piece.  I put a black frame around it to see if it’s ready… Don’t know what direction it wphoto 2 (5)orks just yet. That was my 1st convention day.

My second convention day, or professional education day- my friend, confidant, neighbor, and wine drinking buddy will spend the day in Philly with me.  Beth and I are going to The Philadelphia Museum of Art and hopefully to The Da Vinci Art Alliance for an opening.   She doesn’t know this yet…

I hope to find some direction for a new piece.  Without real angst in life, art can get dull.  I don’t want any angst, just some inspiration.  I’m not inspired by much these days… perhaps filling my two conference days with these friends will help.

To the teacher haters or cynics(less dramatic) out there, who think it’s just another day off, most of us are dedicated and creative.  Molding our craft, and spending more time with your children than many parents do with theirs.  I tell the kids, I’m not just your art teacher or someone who can draw, I really am an artist.  I must constantly work in my field staying fresh, knowing I am introducing people to the importance of art.




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