Silence is a friend that will never betray. Confucius

Recently I purged myself of something and someone.  It was really scary because it was risky.  So much seems to be at stake when you take a stand against a mainstream thought.  Yet, as I rid myself of this person, who oddly enough I called a friend, I disposed of a theology that doesn’t match with my life.

Sitting this morning in the darkened silence, IT spoke to me,  I was given Freedom.

Morning ritual
Morning ritual

Social media is a unique lesson, we post, comment, paste, and use our masks to guide our hand.  Who are we? What do we want others to believe?  Ridding myself of this ideology and the person that came with it has me typing faster and truer.  I have learned much about me,  I was a coward.  I feel free and awake again.


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